Lunasin and ALS

Lunasin is showing signs of hope for ALS.

ALS (or Lou Gehrig’s disease) is a progressive degenerative disease that affects the nerves cells in the brain and spinal cord ultimately leading to the loss of muscle and motor functioning.  Until recently, there has been little hope for ALS patients ever seeing improvement in symptoms let alone signs of disease reversal following months or years of advancement of the disease. 

Lunasin has mechanisms of action within cells that could be useful in slowing ALS progression.  Researchers know that people with ALS have excessive amounts of neural inflammation and oxidative stress.  Lunasin exhibits anti-inflammation and antioxidant effects.  It can reduce free radical production by activated macrophages as well as scavenge free radicals. Abnormally activated macrophages and elevated levels of free radicals occur in patients with ALS and have been targeted in ALS clinical trials. Lunasin’s anti-inflammatory studies show it can inhibit the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-6 and TNF- α, as well as NO, PGE2 and COX-2.

Dr. Galvez talks about the research Duke University is doing


Dr. Bedlack talks about the Lunasin trial he is conduction at Duke University


Lunasin research has also demonstrated that it can alter a process known as histone acetylation and in this way change patterns of gene expression and alter the rate of apoptosis (or the normal rate of programmed cellular death).  Histone acetylation and gene expression are altered in patients with ALS and have been targeted in ALS clinical trials.  

Several patients that are a part of a Duke University ALS trial involving Lunasin as a treatment or taking the products on their own, have shown signs of improvement.  One patient enrolled in this study has already shown a significant accomplishment—he has been able to regain the ability to roll over in bed.   This trial was featured in The Wall Street Journal and on CNN by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Go to the “In the News” page to watch the CNN clip.


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